College organizes 2-3 days technical workshop for each department in every semester. For such workshops, college invites industrial experts. Such workshops helps students for practical application of learning to the world of work and the wider world around them & hands on learning and development of creative solutions through enjoyable activities.


Sr. No. Workshops (Conducted By) Topic
1 Mr. Dhruv Vavadiya (ALSTOM Ltd- Vadodara) Recent Trends in welding tech.
2 Mr. H. D. Bhatt (L&T Ltd- Surat) The Unwritten Laws of Engineering
3 Pradip Patel & Mehul Patel (Vigo Telecom Ltd- Vadodara) Web Development
4 Mr. Hemant Vasavada (Accumen GATE Academy) GATE Academy
5 Mr. Bhasker Rao (Consultant PLC Programmer) Programmable Logic Controller
6 Renu Rajavat & Ravina Bhavsar (TecSo Global Pvt Ltd) Android Technology