Expert Lectures

College organized lecture series for discussions with inspirational climate innovators and invited thought-leaders. The talks and topics are always thought provoking.


Sr. No. Expert Lecture(Conducted By) Topic
1 Mr. Zaid Sheikh (TATA Motors- Sanand) Introduction to CAD/CAM
2 Mr. R. P. Rethaliya (P.H.D in Structure Engineering) Quality Control Engineering
3 Mr. Deeresh Bajpai (Collabera) Big Data & Hadoop technology
4 Mr. Shaunak Ghose (Microsoft ATS Infotech) Microsoft Technology
5 Mr Kashyap Patel ( T C S Software) Theory of computation
6 Mr Bhadresh Dhora ( Gujarat State Electricity corporation ltd, Sr Engineer) NCES
7 Mr Mitesh R Lad (Alstom Project India Limited) Welding and Casting
8 Mr Jagdish Devchakke ( Safety Engineer, Dubai) Electrical Safety
9 Mr. Amit Soni ( L & T) PHP & MYSQL